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Published: 13th July 2010
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When I was growing up, I would tag along with my mom whenever she went to a scrapbook get together. I was always fascinated at the creativity all those women put into their scrapbooks. My mother did not continue scrapbooking, because she felt she did not have enough creativity to put a unique page together. Also, she is such a perfectionist that it would take her twice as long to make a scrapbook page as everybody else. Once she even asked her friend who made wonderful scrapbook pages if she would make them for her. Her friend replied, "Oh Cheryl, it is a labor of love."

10 years later I got into scrapbooking myself. My scrapbooking began slowly the first few years I dabbled in it. I didn't have many people to scrapbook with though and felt that it is a very social hobby. Finally I realized I would never get anything created if I waited for others to make time to scrapbook with me!

Over the years I have tried to think of a way I could make a business out of scrapbooking, not only because I am passionate about it, but because I would then be able to get my own scrapbook supplies at discounted rates. There are so many online scrapbook stores, that I didn't feel like I could or wanted to compete with them. Finally, one day the words ran through my head of my mom wanting someone to make a scrapbook for her because she felt she did not have the talent or the time. I realized I would love to create memories for people and provide a service for people who just couldn't or didn't want to do it themselves. I wondered though, would people really pay for such a service as custom scrapbooking?

I have found that there are many people and many websites out there that have come before me to provide the service of custom scrapbooking. The talents range from beginners to experts; along with their styles. I believe style and technique is what really sets scrapbookers apart. There is an endless amount of techniques and styles too, that can be used to create scrapbook pages and albums-such as stitching, chalking, stamping, embossing, as well as many sub-categories of each of the listed techniques.

How to hire a custom scrapbook creator:

When a person is looking to hire someone to scrapbook their memories for them, it is so important to browse through the potential artisan's gallery of completed projects. This will help the client to get a feel for different styles and to decide what they like best. Some designs are pretty simple with just pictures, strips of paper decorating the page, and a title, while others are much more elaborate to the point of stickers, embellishments, and other items drawing more attention to the page than the photos. For me (and this is my personal preference) I want a classy page that helps to tell the story, without taking away from the pictures and journaling (which is the reason for scrapbooking in the first place.) I wouldn't say my pages are simple, but they aren't overly elaborate either. I prefer just the right mix in the middle that everything draws upon and expounds the pictures on the page. That is the beauty of individuality though-we all have our own likes and dislikes.

I believe it is important to know how to complete our favorite techniques very well, but it is equally important to be willing to step out of a comfort zone and try something new that could add a different dimension to a page that hadn't been thought of before. It is also very important to really listen to the person a scrapbook is being created for. Listen to their likes and dislikes, including colors, embellishments, even layouts, and whatever else they admit. Sometimes it can be difficult to fight the urge to make a scrapbook page "your" style, but remember who it is being created for. They want their touch brought to the page through the maker, and not to have the scrapbook grow on them because someone else put all of their touches into it without any feedback from the client.

When someone is hired to scrapbook memories, it is good to remember that they are being paid to do a specific task. They are in essence an extension of another person's hand and talent. This must be remembered when the task of scrapbooking another's memories by a custom scrapbook creator is conducted. Because the scrapbook must still tell someone's story and have their touch as much as possible, brining their personality and colors into a page is vital. This goes back to the simple and elaborate theory. There are some people who would be appalled by embellishments and stickers taking up every last space of the page-not being able to focus their eye on a single object. Yet others feel a simple, clean page is too blah and thrive on a lively, energetic page with lots going on.

Just remember, the custom scrapbook creator is telling a story for someone else, so don't be afraid to give feedback on how a layout is coming along. It is a lifetime investment and it is worth making sure it turns out the way it was anticipated.

A person shouldn't be afraid to ask lots of questions at any point of the project. Also, even though information on each custom scrapbook creator's website is similar, don't forget to browse their gallery to see samples of the work they have done, to make sure it suits the person's needs.

Pricing can be quite a broad range. Some places charge as little as $7 per 12x12 scrapbook page, while others charge $35 for the same size. The important thing to know here is when it comes to custom scrapbooking, one really does get what one pays for. Sometimes the high end will include photo editing, red eye removal, and or digital scrapbook techniques, but not always. The best indicator of price is the talent, experience, and techniques used. Custom scrapbooking is not something that can be mass produced to provide a high profitability. Rather each page can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on which techniques are used to create the page. The cost of embellishments must also be factored in. Often times a custom scrapbooker will purchase product specifically for one project and be stuck with the rest of the package. The cost of producing a page ranges from $5-$10, which does not leave much profit margin for the scrapbooker. Scrapbooking really must be a labor of love, in order to provide this service so that others may creatively keep their memories.

Custom scrapbooking may seem expensive when a person first discovers the price, but after realizing the time, talent, and materials it takes to produce a single page, it is well worth paying someone to make it for them. I remember when I first started learning about scrapbooking. I would easily spend 6 hours on one page, that I now look at an am appalled that I made! As with anything, the talent grows with time and experience, and I now happily and professionally provide this service so that others may just enjoy and not go through the learning process of scrapbooking.

I hope this article found some useful information to its readers. If there are any questions about custom scrapbooking services, please feel free to email me at I would be happy to hear any questions or comments of my readers! If you are considering having someone scrapbook memories, please check out my website and put me in the consideration.


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